"Their playing throughout reflected their personal rapport: warm, responsive, almost telepathic in their communication of fine detail."

"The arrangements were so fresh and new that it was if one was hearing them for the first time"

William Ruff @ReviewsGate

"Two of the most talented and intelligent musicians I’ve had the privilege to work with. Bringing impeccable technique and sensitivity to everything they do they are also much more in tune with the meaning and intention of the material than many musicians." 

Harvey Brough Composer & Musician

An exquisite meeting of cello and harp in the hands of two passionate and committed musicians. Clare O’Connell and Eleanor Turner have combined forces to explore their unique soundworld, creating music old and new inspired by influences from many different traditions including renaissance, raaga, and Scottish folk.  
They are currently writing a an album of new music for cello and harp inspired and shaped by themes of community,  human connection, spirituality and environment as described in Albert Stifter’s novella Rock Crystal. 

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